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Evaluation of COPe-support online resource for carers

We have just completed a nationwide online randomised controlled trial (RCT) of COPe-support to evaluate its effectiveness in improving carers’ wellbeing and caregiving experience. Thank you so much to over 400 carers across England who have participated in the study and trialled out COPe-support.

Watch this space as we anticipate to have the trial results analysed by early Spring 2021. We will share the trial results with all the participants and report that briefly in this space.


This study has been reviewed and approved by South Central – Oxford C Research Ethics Committee (REC reference: 18/SC/0104) and Health Research Authority (IRAS Project ID: 240005). The conduct of the study is overseen by an independent Trial Steering Committee. The RCT is registered with the Current Controlled Trials registration (ISRCTN 89563420, registration date: 02/03/2018).

For the recruitment of participants into the study, the EFFIP Project team acknowledges the support of the National Institute for Health Research, through the Clinical Research Network (Division 4), and the following NHS Trusts: