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Evaluation of COPe-support online resource for carers

Please note that the deadline for participation in the study was 5pm GMT on 14th February 2020.

The EFFIP project has developed an online resource, called COPe-support (Carers fOr People with Psychosis e-support resource). COPe-support provides peer support, information on psychosis and ways for carers to look after themselves. We are running a study to find out if COPe-support works to improve carers’ wellbeing and how well they cope with caring.


Who took part in the study?

We invited carers who provide caring support for a loved one with psychosis to join the study. Carers could be parents, partners, siblings, other relatives or close friends. Plus a few other criteria as follows:

What did participating in the study involve?

We used a computer to randomly allocate carers to COPe-support or an internet resource webpage on caring (the so-called control). Carers had access to either resource 24/7 and were able to use it whenever and however they liked, all online. We asked them to fill in some questionnaires online to see how they were feeling at the start, halfway through, after 4 months and 8 months of using the resource. We also invited some carers for an individual interview afterward.

Participants were paid £30 in total for their time.

(Please note that carers who were randomly allocated to the control arm initially were given the opportunity to use COPe-support afterwards).

If you’d like to find out more

Please read the following:

Contact the project team HERE


This study has been reviewed and approved by South Central – Oxford C Research Ethics Committee (REC reference: 18/SC/0104) and Health Research Authority (IRAS Project ID: 240005). The conduct of the study is overseen by an independent Trial Steering Committee.

For the recruitment of participants into the study, the EFFIP Project team acknowledges the support of the National Institute for Health Research, through the Clinical Research Network Mental Health Specialty (CRN: MH), and the following NHS Trusts: