The EFFIP (E-support for Families and Friends of Individuals affected by Psychosis) project aims to develop and evaluate an online intervention providing peer support, information, and coping strategies to promote the wellbeing of families and friends of individuals affected by schizophrenia and psychosis.

We are delighted to share the great news that the EFFIP Project Reference Group has won the NIHR CRN, McPin and MQ Service User & Carer Involvement Award 2020.


“I am involved in the EFFIP project. My own ‘lived-experience’ has been truly life-changing. ….  I know from the struggles of my own family and supporters how important it is for them to be able to access support easily and how it benefits the recovery journeys of all of us involved.” Angela Ryan, Founder of Recovery in Mind

“It’s important for people to know you can recover from psychosis. I am the living proof of it. The person, their family, close friends, and loved ones need to remain hopeful.” Dr Clive Travis, Expert Patient

“It’s important to share our experiences so that other people can benefit from our experiences.” Lana Samuels, Carer

“I think it is an excellent resource and long overdue. I hope it goes live very soon, as I am sure it is going to be needed more in time.” – Annie (pseudonym) 

“It contains lots of useful information and the contributions from carers provides authenticity to the site” – Thomas (pseudonym) 

“I would recommend this resource because of the help I received from it and the gratitude I feel towards the people who have made this resource possible.” – George (pseudonym) 

“It helped me not to feel isolated with the things that have to be dealt with when someone you love has psychosis.” –Flossie 

“(It) helps to have a strong community of carers to communicate very easily among each other and able to seek help and advice” – Sam (pseudonym)

“It gives you space and time to ask questions in the detail that you need for answers to be specific to one’s specific situation”. – Sisyphus (pseudonym)